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The locations listed are the best places that I personally know. I'm sure there are plenty of places I've failed to mention or even know of but I'm positive this list will give you great ideas for future photoshoots and appreciate the College Station area for what it has to offer. Also most of the places if not all are free to the public so you don't have to sneak in to get awesome photos!

#10 Post Oak Mall

I know I know. Who goes to the mall anymore? Well not a lot of people which makes taking photos much easier! There are mannequins, plants, department stores, couches, mirrors, and plenty of open spaces to work with. With a little imagination you can make a photoshoot at the mall a breeze and a blast.

Female-Pose-Post Oak Mall-College Station-Mannequin

#9 Wolf Pen Creek Park

Note there will be a few more parks on this list. Wolf Pen Creek park is just awesome. With a amphitheater, many walking paths, a pond with various wildlife, and plenty of greenery its hard to not have a solid photoshoot at Wolf Pen. Being surrounded by nature helps anybody feel at peace and calms the nerves for a great photoshoot.

Female-Park-Nature-Pose-Jacket-College Station

#8 Academic Plaza

This plaza has been seen by many if not all students at Texas A&M. Because of its architecture style, size, and location it makes it an easy #8 on this list. When the sunset hits the academic building in the evening you can make any photo pop! Also featured with the plaza are Century tree (but almost exclusively for couples), the Sul Ross sculpture, the flagpole and various fields to relax and pose!

Blue suit-Building-Texas A&M-College Station-Graduation-Celebration

#7 Central Park

Located right behind the College Station police department having a photoshoot is not only fun but safe! During Christmas time there are a plethora of lights to pose in front of! Along with the many lights there's a large pond, a walking path surrounded by foliage, and various sports areas to get in a variety of photos in! If your lucky you can get some ducks in the shot too!

Christmas-Park-Lights-College Station-Texas-road

#6 Century Square

With an artificial turf square for social gatherings, several niche stores, fancy restaurants, two extravagant hotels and an Aggieland mural its hard to go wrong taking photos here. Parking is a little bit of a challenge but when arriving you get hit with a wave of inspiration for photos. Taking photos here can definitely make for an exceptional profile photo.

Man-Juanita's-grass-century square-Texas-Texas A&M

#5 Lick Creek Park

Being a 516-acre park with many different walking trails, a nature center, and plenty of wildlife you can feel confident you'll get many of spectacular photos here. Lick Creek is so high on this list because when you're here you forget you're in College Station (Nothing wrong with College Station). Being surrounded by a vast amount of trees, foliage, and nature you feel you got dropped in a state park! With the isolation you can take many fantastic photos uninterrupted with many different scenes!

Female-park-nature-pretty-Texas-College Station

#4 Aggie Park

Aggie Park is a recent addition to the Texas A&M campus but it's already very popular with students and locals. Featuring two ponds, lighted trees, large grass fields, and a bridge you can't miss taking photos here. Also with Kyle field in the background and the giant Aggie Ring nearby, inspiration for a photoshoot is hard to not come by.

friends-aggie park-grass-Texas A&M-building

#3 Parking Garages

Yes this is a bit obscure but trust me parking garages are awesome. Considering there's so many people and little space near campus parking has to go high. With this in mind you can catch all of College Station in one shot going up a garage. You can pay to go on the Texas A&M garages or park somewhere for free and walk up but regardless its worth going. Either catching a sunset, admiring city lights, or enjoying the solitude of parking garages you can make any photo look marvelous. (Be sure to be safe and respect the rules of being in any parking garage.)

male-night-sunset-College Station-traffic-lights

#2 Jack K. Williams Building

This is probably the most recognized location for any Aggie fixing to graduate or that has friends that are graduating at Texas A&M. This place is the go to senior photo location for many if not all Aggies and photographers. Not exclusive to graduating seniors, this place makes anyone look fabulous. With the east lawn in the distance, large white pillars, and the vintage looking hall you can instantly make any photoshoot classy and classic.

female-graduate-Texas A&M-celebration-maroon-pretty

#1 Lake Walk

Having lived near Lake walk I had to put this at #1. This place is marvelous. With the lake, Lake Atlas observation tower, Stella Hotel, and Farmers market you can't beat the options available here. Not only can you catch the sunset here everyday (weather allowing), but the views are amazing being able to catch all of Texas A&M in the distance,. Also inside the Stella hotel is beautiful and with permission you can make any one look A-1 inside the building. Lake walk is gorgeous, and it's not too busy which makes any photoshoot just wonderful.

Female-blue dress-lake-Bryan-Stella Hotel-smile